There was a problem adding this item to Cart. A torsion bar is one of the simplest shapes for a spring. I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. Note: PST's High Performance torsion bars are intended for both stock and lowered vehicles. Clocking The Torsion Bar. Use a flat punch or a dowel against the rear end of the torsion bar and give it a firm (but not hard) smack to ensure that the bar is properly seated front and rear. Error posting question. $8.99. 1, Adjusting Your Classic Mopars Ride with the Torsion Bars. You want to set the cars suspension again. The torsion bar twists as the lower control goes up and down, resisting the up and down movement of the frame and suspension in relation to each other. Finally, well talk about how to replace them to get a stiffer ride. Apply a light coating of axle or bearing grease in both sockets after thoroughly cleaning out the old grease. All rights reserved. The whole PST package came in at just . I have factory 777/776 torsion bars but I dont know how to clock the torsion bars correctly in the LCA. Yes they are clocked left and right. $14.99 $13.50. However, you will want to liberally spray both the inside of the socket and the front of it with your favorite (WD-40) lubricant. Both ends of the torsion bar are hexagonal-like a nut. Welcome to Bergman Auto Crafts Shop. FREE Shipping The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. You are using an out of date browser. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. It depends on the built in offset of the bars though. ! There was a problem completing your request. Now, adjust the torsion bars to a ride height that you like. The socket the ends of the torsion bar fits into is also hexagonal. MOPARMITCH Mopar Performance Torsion Bar Locking Clips. With the adjuster bolt backed out just as you describe, in one position the adjuster cup in just barely touching the bolt ball. Smack the socket on both sides of the frame a few times, just hard enough to let it know youre there but not hard enough to leave marks. Typically with large torsion bars you install the bars with the LCA's positioned close to where they will be at ride height, not hanging all the way down against the K frame like with the factory bars. Again, and as always: THANKS ! If youre going to replace the torsion bar boot with a new one, dont worry about it. 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is built into the bar and cannot be changed in the field. Energy Suspension Torsion Bar Dust Boots. This item can be returned in its original condition for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt. 6 65Valiant310 Put the transmission in gear or Park and firmly set the parking brake. Can anyone explain clocking or indexing of the torsion bar 70 duster.Also where should the adjusting arm on the lca be positioned.All the way down on the adjusting pad where the adjusting bolt comes through .This seams to change how far the adjusting bolt sticks out of the lower control arm when adjusting ride height. It should add about 2.5 inches for one notch. These factory threads aren't though. Inside the lower control arm, youll see a bolt about two to three inches outboard of the lower control arm pivot point. Even numbers on the right side, odd on the left. Looking for performance handling without any cutting and welding? You may receive a partial or no refund on used, damaged or materially different returns. You have successfully signed up to get the best deals. I had one break (drivers side) while parked in the driveway. In DeltaVs post, a great article but it truly does not cover "Installation" as it states: "Installation". If yours came with everything, remove the adjuster bolt and plate and replace them with the new hardware. Be the first to add a review for this product. NOTE: On some cars, especially those in areas that get snow, you may need to heat the rear socket to convince it to release the torsion bar. 780/781 above are the part numbers. 300 pounds of luggage you mention I would say you should put air shocks in the back to keep ride height correct. Use the tape measure at the lower control arm pivot point to the ground to make sure you have the same height left and right. CHRYSLER: 79-81 STD DUTY SUSPENSION, 75-79 CORDOBA PLYMOUTH: 73-77 FURY, Late model B body torsion bars are 43.5" long. When you turn the ride height adjusting screw, this blade pivots at the bushing, turning the hex socket where the end of the torsion bar resides, adding or removing torsion on the bar. Remember-righty, tighty-lefty,loosey. Using the torsion bar to adjust ride height is just to fine tune the ride height-maybe a couple inches at most. This site uses cookies to help personalize content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. On some cars, it may also be helpful to put a socket over the head of the bolts and tap the socket a few times with a hammer to loosen any rust. Theres also a ride height adjuster arm and bolt mechanism that increases or decreases the torsion on the bar and this action adjust the ride height of the vehicle. Adjusting Ride Height with the Torsion Bar. You must log in or register to reply here. Continue with Recommended Cookies. Please use a different way to share. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Install the new C-clip. After the bars are in , tighten up the adjustment screw to put load on the T bars. Wiggle the torsion bar clamp/Vise Grips back and forth as you smack your clamp towards the rear of the car. This means your angled driveway is out of the question. Improve the suspension performance and increase cornering ability or weight transfer of your vehicle with these Mopar Performance Parts torsion bar sets. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Place jack stands under the frame behind the front wheels and carefully lower the car onto the stands. Upper rubber bump stop needs to be out so it's down as far as it can go.. Hey Wayne, is that a grease smudge I see on your LCA?!? There are no featured galleries matching this product. Turn the wheels the other direction fully and check again. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Step 2: Remove the Tension from the Torsion Bar. Sorry, we were unable to perform your search at this time. $29.99. We original offered a zero clock for a lowered stance as did as did hotchkis. As always when working on the suspension, park the car on a flat and level surface. Here you go. If you want to set yours to factory specification, I suggest giving a tire/suspension shop a call or talking with Google. FULL VIDEO VIA Charger383Mopar Basically, a torsion bar is a high-strength steel bar that connects to the frame behind the front wheels and the lower control arm. $44.99. The socket on the frame behind the wheel is fixed-it can't move. We offer a line of torsion bars starting at our .89 bar up through our 1.03. Your hammer should be hitting your clamping device as close to the torsion bar as you can get it. With our new indexing, you can achieve either a sleek, lowered pro-touring stance or stock ride height. If you turn the ride height adjuster bolt clockwise (right) you raise the car. Which end is stuffed into the lower control arm makes no difference. This site uses cookies to help personalize content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I replaced the torsion bars with 1.03-inch diameter bars pretty quickly. Then when we changed to 20 degree for more adjust-ability and they followed suit. 68-74 ROADRUNNER, 65-73 POLARA AND MONACO, 74 MONACO, Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. So I am in the process of putting my front end back together. The clocking was technically not an issue. For clarity's sake, we are not talking about using the adjusting bolt, but clocking the spines of the torsion bar. Please refresh and try again. Designed By | Powered By Nebhub. Get the car so the wheels are back on the ground and bounce (HARD) on both front fenders and jump off quickly (Jounce test). You just want to dislodge any rust and loosen the grease up some. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Energy Suspension Torsion Bar Dust Boots. We take issues with our products very seriously and make an effort to supply quality parts for these vintage Mopars. "Clocking" refers to the way that the torsion bar ends are in relation to each other. Do you want a softer more reaxed ride or do you want something thats a little harsher with more road feedback? The "A" body bars are 35.7" long; the "B" and "E . Torsion Bar Clocking 20 Spring Rate 230 lbs/inch Torsion Bar Length 35.8" YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE. Bergman Auto Craft is pleased to bring high quality torsion bars to our line up of suspension products. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Ive owned two cars with torsion bar suspensions. Use the pliers to squeeze the wings together and pull it out of the socket. Put your Sam Safety Glasses on now. If you leave a gap, that's how far the LCA will move before any load is put on the torsion bars. Product Details Mopar torsion bars for A, B, and E-body Dodge and Plymouth Mopar Torsion Bars A, B, E-body Dodge Plymouth Appearance Installation Price / Value Quality Average Rating: 0 of 5 join our email list We encountered an error while updating this page. Mancini Racing Torsion Bar Lock and Seal Kit. Just trying to understand what is meant by clocking.When installing torsion bars with everything unloaded.Where should the adjusting arm(arm with socket for the adjusting bolt). If theres anything else that youd like to know about our product please visit our website or you can all our sales line at 1-800-247-2288. And our Brake Parts Department is coming into its own. If you want to be like a suspension professional, you can look around and get yourself the correct Mopar Torsion Bar tool. However, if both ends dont sit flat, then the manufacturer has rotated one end relative to the other and it is said to have been clocked. Bergman Auto Craft - Home of the Modern Muscle Car. $44.81 (Save $4.48) Estimated Ship Date: Tuesday 1/3/2023. Mike also has experience in the amateur ranks of many of racing's sanctioning bodies. Torsion Bar Clocking 20 Spring Rate 210 lbs/inch Torsion Bar Length 41" YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE. I never marked it when I took it apart. $20.54. The nice thing about these bars is there are 1.03 diameter with a 20 degree offset or clocking at either end of the bar for a nice preload. and failing PranceProject 2.78K subscribers Subscribe 53 1.8K views 1 year ago Any enquirys email My Instagram. Mike Aguilar Mopar A Body Torsion Bar Set. If youve got ramps, use them. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Part Number: POF-114-10009. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. also on new bars they have a mark that faced down to id the twist. The nice thing about these bars is there are 1.03 diameter with a 20 degree offset or clocking at either end of the bar for a . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. $44.99. Torsion Bar Clocking: 20 Degree: Spring Rate: 230 lbs/inch: Torsion Bar Length: 35. . Either way, get your tape measure handy. I set ride height on all my cars as low as I can without scraping and still being able to turn the wheel from lock-to-lock. Thanks, tell the truth I've never changed a pair in 52 yrs of playing with these things. You have already signed up to get the best deals!!! He's done pretty much everything in the automotive aftermarket from gas station island attendant, parts counter, mechanic, and new and used sales. Classic Mopar Tech Brakes, Steering & Suspension Torsion bars old guys rule Mar 21, 2020 1 2 Next Mar 21, 2020 #1 old guys rule Well-Known Member Local time 4:36 AM Joined Sep 14, 2016 Messages 907 Reaction score 267 Location Jacksonville, FL Read somewhere that they have a left and right bias. 2.5 out of 5 stars. Shipping cost, delivery date, and order total (including tax) shown at checkout. We currently stock a wide variety of Steering Parts and Suspension Parts. In this article were going to discuss what torsion bars are and how they control ride height and stiffness. You must log in or register to reply here. Lets see how to do this. shipped by Amazon. Available to the 48 Continental U.S. States. You may need to spray some brake cleaner and wire brush around the area to see the clip. Need to roll and jounce it after every adjustment anyway. Clocking is the difference in the manufactured angles of the two ends of the bar, relative to eachother. Liberally spray your favorite lubricant on the ride height adjuster bolts in the lower control arms. All Rights Reserved. JavaScript is disabled. Ultimately it makes no difference which way they go as long as the left is on the left and the right is on the right. Then install T bar with lower arm hanging down. If not, adjust until you do. Date codes (179) above are the 17th week of 1969. Back out the adjusting bolt so they have no tension then rotate the adjusting lever as far down to the adjusting bolt as you can, then install the torsion bars ( there is a left and right as indicated on the bar end make sure to position accordingly). Through years of experience, tracking, driving and building, we suggest the 1.08 bar as a foundation for most updated type builds. If I'm not mistaken, the even ending number goes on the right side and the odd ending number goes on the left. June 23, 2016 With coil spring suspensions, ride height and stiffness are controlled by the coil springs we install. Mopar Performance Parts offers torsion bars for "A", "B", and "E" body cars in a variety of diameters for restorations, performance and racing.
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