var theName = "Atsushi Onita"; ts[theName] = 7; ts[theName] = 1; ), (XOF Iceman King Parsons Shoot Interview - RF Video RF VIDEO IS NOW COMPLETELY DIGITAL! var theName = "MLW"; ts[theName] = 6; Iceman talks about the problems he had early on in Portland. var theName = "mike modest"; We had a pull-apart, and my nose was broken, my eye was cut. ts[theName] = 6; var theName = "shooters"; var theName = "muraco"; Iceman also talks about the night he and Brody almost went at it. ts[theName] = 10; var theName = "Canada"; var theName = "Lance Russell"; This is an intense moment, and it must be seen to be believed. var theName = "martial arts"; ts[theName] = 3; Br), (XPF var theName = "rock-n-roll express"; var theName = "Rasslin"; var theName = "lutte"; ts[theName] = 2; var theName = "foley"; var theName = "noah"; var theName = "article"; var theName = "tag teams"; ), (XOF African-American professional wrestler best known for his work in World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas, Texas during the 1980s. Ring of Honor and the NWA The Night They Made History! var theName = "Golden Age"; var theName = "bam bam bigelow"; ts[theName] = 25; ts[theName] = 2; This is just one example of many showing the nature of the business back then. var theName = "wrestling gold"; He also formed "Rock 'n' Soul" with Buck Zumhofe and they had a big feud with The Super Destroyers. Mr. [1] Professional wrestling career [ edit] Parsons started wrestling in 1979 after being trained by Nick Kozak. ts[theName] = 1; Fr), (CZK And, not known to many in or out of wrestling, King help to train some of the top wrestlers of the WWWF/WWE modern era, as well as several new wrestlers who are just now arriving on the wrestling scene today. var theName = "MWF"; ts[theName] = 10; [3] He is semi-retired, appearing from time to time with a few independent promotions in Texas. ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "mickey grant"; var theName = "Pepper Gomez"; var theName = "Freddie Blassie"; Fans loved his dance-like moves, his great skills and music videos popping his fun attitude. [5] In 1988, he wrestled for Windy City Wrestling and Pro Wrestling America. wrestlingscout's media reviews. At one time, Iceman was one of the most popular wrestlers in the business. ts[theName] = 8; var theName = "audiobook"; var theName = "gary hart"; .), (VUV ), (TZS ts[theName] = 1; Iceman gives a blow-by-blow account of a locker room meeting which changed the course of his career forever. US Orders over $65 var theName = "Gabe Sapolsky"; ts[theName] = 12; var theName = "2 Cold Scoprio"; ts[theName] = 3; ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "Invasion angle"; Wait until you hear the angle that Iceman proposed that could have been one of the biggest ever. I worked with Mike, Kevin, and Kerry. var theName = "Bret Hart"; ts[theName] = 16; var theName = "ivory"; var theName = "abdullah the butcher"; Brickhouse Brown had a tough time breaking into the wrestling business. ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "brickhouse brown"; ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 2; var theName = "joey styles"; Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. ts[theName] = 1; som), (LBP ts[theName] = 3; In an interview with, Terry Taylor opened up about his time in WCCW and what it was like working with the Von Erichs: When I worked for the Von Erichs, that was the most interesting time of my life. var theName = "Godfather"; Unlike todays era, Iceman wasnt smartened up right away. Unsere Bestenliste Jan/2023 - Ultimativer Test Beliebteste Modelle Beste Angebote Smtliche Vergleichssieger JETZT direkt ansehen. ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "attitude era"; Iceman then went on to the Universal Wrestling Federation, where he was snubbed out of a tag team title tournament in 1987. By using this site, you agree to the legal terms set out in ourDisclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Disclosure. ts[theName] = 1; In 1985, Parsons would win the WCWA American Heavyweight Championship defeating Chris Adams, later losing that title to Ravishing Rick Rude. Iceman has some great stories about his early days in the business. [2] King started for the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)'s Paul Boesch Promotion in Houston, Texas. .), (ETB var theName = "Nash"; Regular price $6.99 View. ts[theName] = 4; var theName = "jaggers"; var theName = "thatcher"; var theName = "bill demott"; Fr), (KMF ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "percy pringle"; ts[theName] = 2; ts[theName] = 3; Message me with any questions. var theName = "jack victory"; Beginning of in-ring career: 1979. That all changed quickly. You wont believe what Fritzs reaction was after the match. var theName = "hawaii"; ts[theName] = 15; var theName = "robbie brookside"; iceman king parsons shoot interview. var theName = "scott teal"; ts[theName] = 18; var theName = "gene okerlund"; After a while, its self-defense. var theName = "ufc"; var theName = "Memphis"; var theName = "demolition"; SUPPORT. else{ var theName = "wwe 24/7. Exceptional customer service and experience . var theName = "los angeles"; ts[theName] = 12; var theName = "Chicago"; var theName = "vader"; ts[theName] = 1; Chris Adams [babyface], Iceman King Parsons [babyface] ts[theName] = 3; var theName = "Indies"; ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "freebirds"; ts[theName] = 2; ts[theName] = 12; ), (PLN Thank you for supporting RF Video over the past 27 years! Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. MK), (MYR ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "dusty rhodes"; var theName = "raven"; ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "psychology"; var theName = "backlund"; Watts' goal was to elevate his promotion from a relatively smaller, regional-level business, to a national-level rival of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now known as WWEWorld Wrestling Federation (WWF, now known as WWE ts[theName] = 1; var minColor = [35,130,195]; var theName = "Wiskowski"; After the death of friend Chris Adams in 2001 and suffering a serious back injury from a car accident, Parsons cut back on his appearances. var theName = "matt borne"; ts[theName] = 2; Iceman gives a reason behind it that has never been revealed anywhere. var theName = "kamala"; ts[theName] = 2; Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine Their Legendary Feud and Brutal Dog Collar Match. var theName = "goulet"; Worauf Sie als Kunde bei der Auswahl der Nici qid achten sollten. var theName = "old school"; var theName = "law"; Iceman King Parsons Shoot Interview DVD : Iceman King Parsons, RF Video, RF Video: Movies & TV ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 10; var theName = "sociology"; Regular . ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 2; var theName = "Animal"; ts[theName] = 2; . ts[theName] = 4; King moved to Barling, Arkansas and lived there while working for the Tulsa promotion and Leroy McGuirk circa 197879. var theName = "missy hyatt"; var theName = "Gulf Coast"; Le), (SEK ts[theName] = 17; This is one interview you do not want to miss. ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 1; by Iceman King Parsons on desktop and mobile. var theName = "ultimate warrior"; var theName = "scott williams"; NWA and Nick Aldis Rising Back to Prominence, Bobo Brazil, Bearcat Wright, and Art Thomas Champion Pioneers, Jimmy Lennon Sr. Boxing and Wrestlings Unsung GOAT. ts[theName] = 25; var theName = "kliq"; King Bailey Parsons Jr. (born June 11, 1950) is a former professional wrestler better known by his ring name Iceman King Parsons.[1]. Steve Austin was only one of many. Iceman King Parsons - Shoot Interview DVD; Sold Out. K), (DKK ts[theName] = 1; Fr), (CDF Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Iceman King Parsons Shoot Interview DVD at Parsons lived off his World Class legacy, working indies into his 50s before Chris Adams' death,. Sh), (TOP Iceman King Parsons Also known as Iceman Parsons, King Parsons, Ice Overview Career Titles Matches Match Statistics Matchguide Tournaments Tag Teams & Stables Entourage Awards Ratings Comments Matches Displaying items 1 to 100 of total 1164 items that match the search parameters. var theName = "DX"; ts[theName] = 4; In 1983, King then moved on to World Class Championship Wrestling. Fr), (XAF var theName = "panel discussion"; Fr), (KMF ts[theName] = 6; ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 1; Please login and you will add product to your wishlist, Iceman King Parsons - Shoot Interview DVD, You can purchase this product but it's out of stock. The Fabulous Freebirds [entrance & music video] Off the Streets, 1988. ts[theName] = 5; var theName = "mark lewin"; ts[theName] = 3; Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Wrestling Masks. Parsons had a few stints as a heel himself, but he is much better remembered as a babyface. return v Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. What veteran and legendary manager took liberties with Iceman and almost ran him out of the business? ts[theName] = 3; - Iceman King Parsons versus Col DeBeers - Texas Hangmen in action - Nakita Koloff in action - Tommy Jammer in action - Highlights of The Trooper, TJ Peterson, and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew's problems - Larry Zbyszko promo - Mike Enos, Wayne Bloom, & Tully Blanchard versus The Trooper, TJ Peterson, and Paul Diamond Write Review CHF), (MWK C$), (MKD ts[theName] = 3; var theName = "hart family"; ts[theName] = 3; ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "Heyman"; function s(a,b,i,x){ ts[theName] = 1; All purchased titles will be stored in your digital library to be streamed any time, from anywhere. See other items Dana Dameson Shoot Interview DVD RF Video USA Pro Wrestling SSCW JAPW JCW Indies Condition: Very Good Time left: 3d 20h | Thursday, 10:25 AM Starting bid: var theName = "patriot"; var theName = "middle east"; var theName = "Shoot Interview"; var theName = "king kong bundy"; ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 64; Free shipping for many products! var theName = "TNA"; ts[theName] = 1; .), (CHF var theName = "britain"; ts[theName] = 8; C$), (MKD var theName = "agent"; 1- Al Snow & Bushwacker Luke. var theName = "shocker"; Angel of Death, Buddy Roberts, Iceman King Parsons, Jack Victory, Michael Hayes, Mike George, Shaun Simpson, Terry Gordy, Unknown Participants. var theName = "meltzer"; Used Sister Sledge 's "We Are Family" as his . ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "ethics"; ts[theName] = 1; In March 1988 Parsons defeated Kerry Von Erich for the World Class Heavyweight Championship in a highly controversial bout that actually saw the lights go out in the Dallas Sportatorium. var theName = "lucha libre"; var theName = "USWA"; Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. ts[theName] = 7; Thank you for supporting RF Video over the past 27 years! I had lumps all over my head. [2] In 1992, Parsons went to the Global Wrestling Federation with Jackson as the Blackbirds managed by The Witch Dr Baboose and won the tag team title with him and also won the North American title, which was their top title. var theName = "WWA"; ts[theName] = 3; var theName = "who's who"; var theName = "lita"; Iceman is not shy in talking about all of the controversies surrounding World Class. In early December, 1983, Parsons was "kayfabe" burnt by Skandor Akbar's flame thrower in a match between him and Junkyard Dog vs The Super Destroyers Super Destroyer #1 & Super Destroyer #2 with Akbar ringside leaving Parson with a kayfabe disfigurement teeming with Brian Adias against the Super Destroyers. .), (AMD ts[theName] = 2; Iceman puts the blame on one person and it isnt who you think it is. ts[theName] = 103; Follow Pro Wrestling Stories on Twitter @pws_official, Facebook @prowrestlingstories, or reach out via e-mail at! var theName = "best of"; Little Guido James Maritato Shoot Interview, Bell To Bell Vol. He wrestled briefly in the Texas All-Star Wrestling promotion in 1986 and formed the "Dream Team" with Tiger Conway, Jr. var theName = "peach state pandemonium"; In 1982, he moved on to Jim Crockett Promotions[1] where he teamed with Porkchop Cash and feuded with Don Kernodle and Jim Nelson over the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship. ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 7; SoundCloud . ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "Konnan"; ts[theName] = 1; Fr), (XAF ts[theName] = 9; $5.00. ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "Iron Sheik"; As Roddy Piper once said, I would rather you punch my teeth down my throat than you throw a popcorn punch! In other words, you had to give off the illusion that what you were doing in the ring was real, even if it meant a few potatoes (in this case, Texas taters) were thrown from time to time! ts[theName] = 1; IPHONE TO AUX 3.5mm AUX AUDIO HEADPHONE JACK ADAPTER CABLE FOR IPHONE 7,8,X,XS. End of in-ring career: 2005. ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 1; King Parsons (born in 1949) is a former professional wrestler better know by his ringname Iceman King Parsons. var theName = "reference"; ALL PURCHASED TITLES WILL NOW BE LISTED IN YOUR LIBRARY TO STREAM ANYTIME. ts[theName] = 2; Db), (SAR ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "slick"; ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 2; var theName = "Valiant"; ts[theName] = 1; I thought, Oh, God, I cant hit him with all these guys here So I put the stick down but I was still going to slug him. 2. ts[theName] = 14; ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "straight shootin"; However, before leaving for New York, he experienced several stiff beatings courtesy of The Von Erich brothers. ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 6; ts[theName] = 8; var theName = "brutus beefcake"; Obtained in person or private signings. var theName = "bruno sammartino"; var theName = ""; ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "steve blackman"; ts[theName] = 2; . ts[theName] = 4; Iceman King Parsons [RF Shoot Interview] The Good "Iceman" King Parsons had a heck of a career and much of his success was as the token black babyface in World Class. ts[theName] = 2; 2 Cold Scorpio 2 Gold Scorpio in ECW when he was Tag and TV champ. Fr), (GNF Fr), (CDF FRw), (STD ts[theName] = 23; Sh), (TOP ts[theName] = 1; [1] Boesch contacted Don Owen and was successful in landing a job for King in the NWA's Pacific Northwest territory. ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "hardcore"; ts[theName] = 2; [1] Both Don and Elton Owen promoted in Washington and Oregon. Regular . var theName = "TV"; ts[theName] = 1; ts[theName] = 2; Iceman also talks about the decision that changed his career forever. His microphone skills strongly influenced Rocky Johnson's son, Dwayne, aka The Rock, who like Parsons used rooty poot as one of his pet phrases. Iceman King Parsons (c) WCCW World Heavyweight Title. var theName = "british bulldogs"; var theName = "armstrongs"; var theName = "Chris Adams"; ts[theName] = 13; ts[theName] = 19; ts[theName] = 6; var theName = "Bischoff"; ts[theName] = 4; var theName = "sherri"; Iceman talks openly about the Von Erich familys issues. ts[theName] = 1; var theName = "wrestlemania"; Portions of content provided by Tivo Corporation - 2022 Tivo Corporation What's new. Perfect Curt Henning Rare Interview before his tragic passing.
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