Barb Baur jeweler | designer
As a jeweler, my work is inspired by my personal visualization of human interaction. Like ripples from a stone dropped into water, sounds that continue to travel long after we have heard them or the light of a star that is still visible light-years and centuries later, our actions may extend outward infinitely, resonating and reflecting on whoever they meet. Evoking shapes from nature that suggest shells, plants and fungus, my work consists of nesting, radiating waveform patterns that seem to undulate and twist. Both the wearer and the viewer are encouraged to visually explore the interior and exterior space of these seemingly organic forms. My training in traditional bench jewelry is the starting point for my artistic practice. Innately curious, I use an extensive range of techniques from traditional crafts as well as industrial technology to create my work. Computer aided design allows me to generate intricate two and three-dimensional patterns which I use to augment conventional methods of jewelry fabrication. These patterns, composed of lines and shapes which radiate outward, are transferred into metal and developed into three-dimensional forms by bending and shaping. My process relies heavily on analyzing the relationship of three-dimensional forms in conjunction with a modification of the computer patterns. The work process itself, based on continuous interpretation of the forms as they evolve, expand and change, becomes a metaphor for the ideas that inspire this work. Like a bat is guided by sound waves in the dark, my intuition is guided by my experiences reflecting with the world around me. statement

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